About Kong Hee Ministries

Bringing Christ into our culture has been the defining objective of Kong Hee Ministries since it began. Committed to sharing the love of God through contemporary and relevant methods, founder Kong Hee and his wife, Sun Ho, have been pivotal in bringing a great revival to Asia that has touched multitudes of lives, with a distinct effectiveness toward reaching the next generation for Christ.

Kong Hee Ministries is dedicated to bringing the light of God’s Word, the truth of Christ’s love and the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit to our viewers worldwide in a creative and modern format through various channels of media, including television, print and radio.

Beyond our broadcasts, Kong Hee Ministries is also constantly involved in spearheading and contributing to numerous humanitarian efforts such as disaster relief, school construction, and education funding.

Consider partnering with us at Kong Hee Ministries! Your prayers and contributions will make a difference in helping us to share the message of Christ to the world we live in today!

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